27 Apr

Gathering Website Specifications/Requirements:

Gathering the requirements for a web development project is essential to project success. A project manager needs to have all of the detailed specifications from a client so the team can translate it into a website which will generate results for a client. Many projects which call for complicated website development are very customized because each company operates a different business model and different structure. A client needs to have full disclosure with their website details to allow a project manager and web development team to immerse themselves within the client's business.

So many times a project falters because crucial details were omitted either due to negligence or just plain forgetting. Sometimes requirements and specifications change during the development phase and these need to be dealt with accordingly.

Knowing the goals of the website:

As a client, you must know the goals of the website you are building. You never want to invest money into a website simply for the sake of building a site with many bells and whistles because your competitors are doing it. You need to align your business goals with your website as this will help you to market it more effectively and achieve a much higher return on investment. In simpler terms, you need to know why you are building a website and what you are building it for.

Project Feedback:

Feedback during a web development project is another essential element. Many times a client thinks that the website design company can read their mind. Clients must be engaged within their project in order to speed up project efficiency. Anytime website updates are made, a client must be quick to review everything and give their feedback or approval. This helps the website design company move the project along quicker.

Is search engine optimization in your future?

If SEO is in your future, this needs to be discussed in detail with your vendor so they can plan the website accordingly. It always helps to work with a web design company who also specializes in SEO. Your website will bring in traffic via an SEO campaign and your website will act as your sales tool for any potential customers which land on your website.

After a website is launched, the project is not 100% complete. The website must be managed properly depending on its complexity. Whether it is a website built to allow clients to update it themselves or a website that needs to be managed by a website design company, proper management specifications need to be in place. If ongoing SEO is being done to the site, this is also a never ending job. Consistent updates and management need to be set with the website to stay on top of the search engines and their updates.

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